dinsdag 27 maart 2012

How it all began

The story kinda starts in November,2009
I was a huge fan of the famous cartoon ''Avatar:The last airbender'',
and for that reason I watched a lot of videos of it on YouTube.
It was just a matter of time until the first anime suggestion
showed up on my YT homepage.

The anime was called ''lucky star'',
a pretty famous ''Slice of life'' Anime.
My curiosity took over,and watched the video,
It was Japanese dubbed which was a downer
but I kept watching until episode 5.
I gave up after that.
But,I couldn't stop thinking about it,it was so normal,but weird at the same time.
I figured,maybe there was an English version of it online,
ofcourse,there was a dubbed version.
I was so glad that I could finally follow the story,so I kept watching.
I watched the whole series in 2 days,it was much better than I had expected.

After that,

a lot of anime's followed.
Great names such as,
Clannad,The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,Darker Than Black,Death Note,Code Geass,...
It became a big hobby,which I couldn't get rid of.

My first anime video came online in December 2010,
''My top 10 anime openings'' part 1 and 2.
I got a warning of copyright violation the minute they got online,
I ignored it.
Views went pretty well, 10.000 views in 6 months,not bad for the first anime vid.

I decided to do another one,this time,I'd show an ''easter-egg'' in the anime Angel Beats.
again.a warning,which I ignored.
But... a month later (June 2011) it got deleted,and my channel got it's first strike..
Soon after the first one,the second strike occured,this time on my other anime vid (part 2)
2/3 strikes.
I decided to take of the first part as well.

In the end of November 2011 I thought about it again,
I did some research and found out that YouTube really was strict on anime vids,
But I didn't want to give up just yet.
I decided to get my little ''revenge'' by starting up an anime channel.
On the first of December, AnimeBijon was born.

At first I tried AnimeVision,but that name was already in use.
So I took the Japanese translation of ''Vision'',which is ''Bijon''.
I started to get ready for the launch date,the first of January 2012.
December was a busy month,
I had to make a list of videos,I had to design a logo,...
But I made the deadline in time.

After I uploaded the first few vids,I got Sony Vegas 11.
I experimented a bit and got better with colour-correcting,even tho I'm still experimenting.

On friday the 13th of January,my main channel got deleted for not being linked to a gmail account...


So far,AnimeBijon is a bigger succes than I had imagined.
Almost 10.000 total upload views in just about 4 months?

I'll try and post something on this blog now and then ;)
See you later! :D